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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Eurozone As An East-German Motorcycle

The Eurozone As An East-German Motorcycle Eager for yet another explanation why despite all the bluster and rhetoric, it is Germany that has been the biggest beneficiary from the “Eurozone Experiment” (at […]

US Restaurant Spending “Pretty Ugly” In February

ebruary marks the first three-months of consecutive declines in restaurant sales in almost three years as Bloomberg reports consumers caught in “an emotional moment” spooked by higher payroll taxes, surging healthcare premia, and spiking […]

Is Spain Preparing For Its Own Deposit “Levy”?

While Spain’s economy minister Luis De Guindos proclaimed in the Senate today that bank deposits under EUR100,000 are “sacred”and that “Spanish savers should stay calm,” Spain, it would appear, has changed constitutional rules […]

The Fed’s Exit

The Fed’s Exit The markets have begun to wonder whether the Fed (and other central banks) will ever be able to exit from its Quantitative Easing policy. We believe there […]

Why Italy Is More Like Japan Than Spain

Italy has its own set of problems with huge debt loads, soaring unemployment, and a growing social revolt against the new normal austerity status quo but there is one issue […]