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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Pondering Gold

  Remember: what is unsustainable, can never crash, or so those who can create virtually unlimited naked shorts out of thin air would like everyone to believe. Gross exposure – […]

For Bonds, It’s A Lehman Repeat

by Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge on 06/25/2013 16:43 -0400   There is plenty of discussion of outflows but we though the following chart was perhaps the most insightful at why this […]

“Time Is Running Out Fast” For Italy

Submitted by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge on 06/25/2013 09:30 -0400 Everyone knows Europe is insolvent; the only question is “when” will Europe be forced to finally admit this truism. The long […]

Housing Starts, Permits, CPI All Miss

Elsewhere, the housing market, despite some so-called recovery, continues to be moribund, with both housing starts (914K, below expectations of 950K), and permits (974K, Exp. 975K) missing expectations. And the […]