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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Documentary on economist Walter E. Williams

  On the major social and political issues of our time, George Mason University economics professor Walter Williams is one of America’s most important and provocative thinkers. He is black, […]

The Fed’s Comfort Zone (In 1 Simple Chart)

Communication… Transparency… Optimal Control? Or Schizophrenia, Paranoia, and Mass Confusion?   Welcome to the Dow-Data-DependentTM Fed   On the bright side – The Fed enters its blackout period tomorrow – […]

5 US Bills Straight Out Of Atlas Shrugged

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, “John Galt is Prometheus who changed his mind. After centuries of being torn by vultures in payment for having brought to men […]

Saxobank CIO On The End Of US Dominance

Authored by Steen Jakobsen, CIO Saxobank, via, Tensions and volatility inevitable as world redefines itself China and Russia forming powerful anti-US alliance Potential for geopolitics to become core to […]