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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bitcoin Soars To New Record Highs

Good As Gold (Again)? Bitcoin Soars To New Record Highs Bitcoin topped $1200 overnight for the first time, bringing it ever closer to the price for an ounce of gold… […]

Copper’s Is Collapsing!

When Copper was soaring (2 weeks ago) it ‘proved’ that China’s debt binge had worked and that Trumpian reflation was going to secure global economic growth going forward. Now that […]

Peak Credit Complacency

Add these two charts to your list of things to totally ignore… Peak Credit Complacency: US High-Yield Corporate Bond risk is once again below the 400bps level – which in […]

Chinese Banks Begin To Raise Mortgage Rates

Raising rates on reverse repos, hiking the cost it charges on its Medium-Term Loan Facility and Standing Lending Facility, five consecutive day without a reverse repo liquidity injection (or rather […]