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The La Stampa rumor that the IMF would bail out Italy has come and gone, roundly refuted by none other than the IMF as expected, but not before lifting futures by over 30 points in the premarket session, and setting a very favorable tone to the market overnight. How long it lasts now depends on the amount of time it takes the bipolar market to realize that the tapped out consumer will be unable to carry this holiday period, Italy sold €567MM in 2.6% 2023 Inflation Linked linkers at a bid to cover of 2.16 but most importantly at a yield of 7.3%. This was an epic collapse compared to the last such issuance from October 27 when 2.1% I/Ls due 2021 priced at a 2.14 B/C and a 4.61% yield: nearly a 2.7% increase. And somehow this unsustainable yield (not to mention another BTP auction tomorrow) is considered a good thing: the 10 Year dropped to just over 7% in the auction aftermath after hitting 7.3% earlier. And for now Europe is on the backburner with all eyes on how few contracts of ES can get the S&P up 3% today: all signs of a perfectly functioning market.

For now S&P resistance should be the Pivot @1207


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