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Samaras Pledges To “Renegotiate” Bailout Pact After April Elections

Less than 24 hours after the latest bailout demand vote passed, it is that the leader of Greek ill-named “New Democracy” party who is likely to replace Papademos as the next leader of Greece following the April elections, is that at best the new “deal” will last for two months, or until after the next local election. Needless to say, this it the only“pledge” out of Greece in the past week that is 100% certain to be kept. From The Guardian: “Samaras, the current front-runner to replace Lucas Papademos, told parliament last night: “I ask you to vote in favour of the new loan agreement today and to have the ability to negotiate and change the current policy which has been forced on us“.” While hardly surprising, Guardian goes on to point out “that would rather thwart the Troika’s demands that Greece’s leaders all pledge to implement the current plan, as Megan Greene of Roubini Economics pointed out on Twitter: ‘Samaras demands bailout be renegotiated after elections and troika insists he sign that he’ll uphold 2nd bailout. We still have a problem.‘” Indeed – it is called Merkel seeks guarantees that what the next Greek leader said is a joke before it agrees to send even more billions in taxpayer cash down what Schauble earlier called a “bottomless pit.”

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