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Nobel Prize In 1949 Awarded To Dr. Moniz For Lobotomy Procedures.

As I pondered how an economist such as Krugman could be awarded the Nobel Prize I remembered that Obama was also awarded one for peace. With the storming of our embassy in Libya and murder of our ambassador and now with the whole world (China vs Japan), (Iran vs Israel) (Syria) seemingly on course to world war III I realized how political and meaningless the prize has become. Then last night I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon some show I think was called Strange but True. This episode was about a Dr. Moniz of Lisbon. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for administering Lobotomies to some of his patients.  At first hailed as a magical cure it was latter discredited and found to be barbaric and ineffectual. It basically caused more permanent damage than any good it provided. Imagine that a Nobel prize awarded for a procedure that rendered those that received it worse off.  Krugman and his Keynesian cronies, and for that matter all Democrats and Socialist, those that believe there is a free lunch, or that the government is entitled to the product of one mans labor and effort so that it can redistribute that product to another man; those that believe that more debt will solve a debt problem and that more spending above your income will cure what ails this country will be the cause of severe damage. Maybe its time for some selective lobotomies starting with the Keynesians and the Socialist adherents.

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