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Democrats and Liberals Suffer from Ideological and Commonsense Dyslexia!

Democrats and Liberals Suffer from Ideological and Commonsense Dyslexia!

All my life I wondered how seemingly competent adults could be always wrong about every significant issue. It finally dawned on me after years of living with my wife and eldest son who both suffer from dyslexia. You say make a right and they make a left.  Read off a number, 175 and they write 571. Whatever proses in their brains causes them to get it backwards is the same process that causes Liberals and Democrats to get the answers to today’s problems backwards, totally wrong.

Unwed mothers having too many children that they can’t afford to raise, why not reward them with another check for each child.  Now 40 % of children borne today have a single mother, the clearest route to poverty.

Muslim Terrorist killing people, clearly we should DISCRIMINATE when allowing people to enter the country, liberal answer is to invite them in.

Makes you scratch your head until you realize that your Liberal Democrat neighbor suffers from a brain disorder.

Entry level jobs show no significant wage increases, surely increasing the supply of non-technical labor by 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS has nothing to do with it.

Unemployment too high, well let’s make sure we raise corporate taxes so business have less money to pay employees and while we are at it lets raise the wage they must pay them this way instead of having 3 people working at $8 we’ll get by with 2 at $10 because we can’t afford 3 at $30.

You think you are entitled to the product of your efforts, not to those who suffer from ideological dyslexia, some of that belongs to someone else. You work hard to get ahead and save for the future, they take some from you and give it to someone who doesn’t work as hard or at all.

I used to think that if you explained it to them, showed them how it works, that they would understand. I didn’t get it until now; they understand but the brain disorder causes them to get it backwards. The dyslexia causes them to believe the exact opposite of what is correct.

Sadly, no amount of facts, statistics or logic will make them better, they will still see left as right when its’s so obviously wrong!

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