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The Beginning Of The Decline

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, In 1960, the core population (25-54yr/olds) of the OECD nations (US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, most the EU, UK, Turkey, Israel, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, NZ) was […]

Why Is The Market Down?

As the chart indicates, the market has been in rally mode with the anticipation of Trump tax cuts and economic reform. We were ahead of economic reality. Put a little […]

Copper Is Crumbling After Stockpiles Surge

After reaching one month highs on Monday, copper futures prices have tumbled to near 3-week lows amid slowing China credit impulse-driven economic signals (PMIs weak) and a surge in LME […]

Protracted Low Volatility,, How Much Longer?

Authored by ConvergEx’s Nicholas Colas, Last night’s note on the lack of US equity market volatility drew the strongest reader response of anything I’ve written this year. The primary reason […]

Can anti-China tariffs revive American steel?

James Pethokoukis@JimPethokoukis April 20, 2017 2:30 pm | AEIdeas Economics, Pethokoukis Font SizeAA Sure, Donald Trump mused about returning to the gold standard during the campaign. But as president, he’s […]


AKS has taken out 30 day (light blue). To the extent that Iron Ore is an input price to AKS and an end product for CLF , recent Iron Ore […]

A Few Thing To Watch

Jeff Gundlach webcast and presentation, in which the DoubleLine fund manager was surprisingly non-committal in his outlook on the future, predicting no imminent – or even belated – recession and […]

Iron Ore

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