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Welcome Again To Pivotal Many of you did not receive today’s updates. Scroll down to see what you missed.


6 Van Renssalaer Road

Katonah, NY  10536

Phone: 914-302-6026 Fax: 914-302-6026

We are proud and excited to introduce Pivotal a division of Katonah Research & Trading PartnersPivotal provides dynamic systematic pivot trading in all markets in multiple time frames. Signals are generated attempting to capture explosive moves in selected futures, options, and equities. Turn over can be quick with few holdings achieving long term status. Most selections will be held in the three week to three month range, with many holdings lasting only a few days. The goal is to obtain significant above average returns by utilizing our proprietary timing signals enabling us to maximize the efficiency of our invested funds. This systematic selection service can be accessed in real time by subscription to our Pivotal web site and Live Blog or through email.

As a sophisticated investment professional you have received many solicitations offering advice and investment selections. Whether in-house or independent, most research turns out to be either biased or un-timely.

You are invited to join us and try this no obligation, limited free trial offer. If we have not produced profits multiple times the cost of the yearly subscription rate in the duration of your free trial, then we advise you not to subscribe!

Visit us at Pivotal or Email


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